TiTAN Computer Service LLC

Technology - A commitment to Open Source

TiTAN Computer Service uses the latest in technology to service our clients. We have also made a commitment to Open source. Read our commitment below and what it means for our clients. Also be sure to check out some of the open source solutions that are available to you.

Open Source Commitment

Open source technologies will continue to alter the way organizations around the world consume software and the way vendors develop, support and distribute it. The benefits open source delivers to companies and end users will foster greater innovation, expand the overall benefit of software at the organizational level and advance community attributes to other business areas.

Open source software provides the:

  • Freedom to innovate
  • Empowerment to impact the bottom line
  • Flexibility to improve agility & speed time to market
  • Peace of mind gained through transparency
  • Ability to capitalize on distributed, community intelligence
  • Security of open & available code

CIOs must increasingly pay attention to how technology is used in their market to gain an advantage. Open source software presents an opportunity for IT executives to add value by incorporating innovative products and services more quickly and efficiently than their competitors. The widespread adoption of open source software is inevitable; those companies that invest early will innovate faster and leave a lasting impact.

TiTAN Computer Service is committed to expanding enterprise adoption of open source software. Our project teams are diligent in committing code, functionality recommendations, forum advice and bug fixes back to the communities from which our clients benefit.

Open Source Solutions

Many solutions or options are available to use. Some free, some not, some supported, some not. When choosing to use an open source solution it is important to understand the benefits and draw backs to using open source. TiTAN Computer Service will assist you in choosing a solution and then help you to implement and then support the solution you choose.