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Operating System Alternatives

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TiTAN Computer Service takes a strong stance when it comes to open source software. TiTAN participates in many communities to help the development of open source. TiTAN is also involved in the development of our own open source solutions. We're keeping a lid on the specifics for now, but expect some cool stuff coming soon.

One of the biggest changes that can be made in a step to open source is a change in your operating system. Sounds great right? Before you jump into switching over, take a few moments to consider some of the following arguments.

Ease of use

Today most of the open source solutions for operating systems are easy to use. There are however some choices that require a lot of knowledge of Linux and/or UNIX in order to get the operating system installed, let alone use it. Ubuntu is by far the most user friendly and probably the closest to a Microsoft Windows environment (which most people are familiar with).

Software Compatability

It is important to remember that most of the leading software titles are not supported on open source operating systems. Part of the reason that this happens is that the major software companies develop  their software for maximum exposure. The best way to do that is to focus your resources on the major operating systems. There are many alterative software solutions that work in place of or in conjunction with the major titles, most notable is OpenOffice a very good replacement to Microsoft Office.

Lack of Support

With the use of open source comes the lack of support or the lack of a structured support chain. Most open source projects are supported through community forums and not the traditional lines of support. This makes for finding an answer or solution to your problem cumbersome at times. Some open source titles do offer a paid support solution. Even though you are paying for support, you are still receiving the software for free. If you are using open source in a production environment or in critical situations and do not have a very strong understanding of it, a paid support solution may be something to consider. 

The most common use of open source operating systems today is in a networked environment and used as a server operating system. Most websites today are hosted and run on linux based servers due to the lower cost, tighter security, and use of system resources.

TiTAN Computer Service recommends that you research your options and consider the pros and cons of a move to open source. Just because open source is cheaper, and more cost effective doesn't make it the best solution. If implemented incorrectly, open source can actually cost you more.

For a complete analysis of a move to open source, contact TiTAN Computer Service at 561-247-0885.

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